Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Ottawa Senators were in town a  few nights ago to play the Winnipeg Jets. I was pretty successful getting autographs from most of the team. The Senators are great guys! Every player on the team was willing to sign. Sergei Gonchar and Nick Foligno signed everything for everyone that came out. Ottawa Senators prospect Mark Stone was also staying at the same hotel with his junior team the Brandon Wheat Kings. Mark signed a Rackrs card for me. The Rackrs cards came in handy throughout the day as I kept on seeing players, coaches, and media that I didn't have anything of. Again, if you are a serious autograph collector I would recommend to place an order at I had former Canadian World Junior Head Coach and current Sens assistan Coach Dave Cameron sign a Rackrs card along with NHL Hall of Famer Denis Potvin who is the color analyst for the Sens. I even had Sportsnet Ottawa's reporter Ian Mendes sign a Rackrs card for me! Mike Keane, Bryan Murray, Colin Greening, and Spencer Machacek also signed the autograph cards for me. All the coaches and players were in great moods throughout the day. Here are the totals:

Sergei Gonchar 2 photos, 4 cards
Zack Smith 1 photo, 1 card (Thank you Thumper for pointing him out & thank you Joel for the card!)
Erik Condra 1 photo
Denis Potvin 1 photo, 2 cards
Rob Klinkhammer 2 photos
Jared Cowen 2 cards
Nick Foligno 5 cards
Zenon Konopka 1 card
Jason Spezza 1 card
Paul MacLean 2 cards
Mike Keane 1 Rackrs card
Bryan Murray 1 Rackrs card
Ian Mendes 1 Rackrs card
Colin Greening 1 Rackrs card
Spencer Machecek 1 Rackrs card
Mark Stone 1 Rackrs card
Dave Cameron 1 Rackrs card


Fats Domino 2/2 4x6 photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home
Date Sent: March 1, 2012
Date Received: March 28, 2012
Total Time: 27 Days


Peter Mannino 8/10 cards signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o St. John's IceCaps
Date Sent: January 3, 2012
Date Received: March 28, 2012
Total Time: 85 Days
*I met Peter at the Jets training camp. I asked him if he would sign if I sent him some cards to St. John's. He said yes and I told him I would also send extras for him to keep. Today received 8/10 cards I sent him! I was only looking to get 2 back. Thanks Peter!*

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Oldtimer's Hockey Challenge was in town last Thursday. After the game, a reception was held at a nearby sports bar where I was able to get autographs from most of the players in attendance.  All the guys were great with the fans and signed and posed for photos.  Big thanks to my buddy John for hooking up the tickets to the after party! Big thanks also goes out to my buddy Jordan for helping me get a few of these signed! Here are the totals:

Theoren Fleury 2 photos
Dave Babych 1 photo, 2 cards
Ron Duguay 2 photos, 3 cards
Bryan Trottier 3 photos
Gary Leeman 1 photo
Dave Ellett 2 photos
Greg Adams 1 Rackrs card
Ron Hoggarth 1 Rackrs card
Ab McDonald 1 puck

Monday, March 26, 2012


Darnell Nurse 4/3 4x6 photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Soo Greyhounds
Date Sent: January 31, 2012
Date Received: March 26, 2012
Total Time: 55 Days


Damon Stoudamire 3/3 4x6 photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o University of Memphis Men's Basketball
Date Sent: March 5 2012
Date Received: March 26, 2012
Total Time: 21 Days

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This week I will attempt to complete the 2 of the 3 remaining 50/50s that I have outstanding with a few fellow collectors from Sportscollectors.Net. Getting autos from the hometown Winnipeg Jets has not been the easiest task this season. Unlike most NHL cities, the hometown team is the hardest team to get autographs from. There is no access to any of the players at the MTS Centre which is the arena that the Jets play all their home games at. The only way to get autographs from the Jets here in Winnipeg is to track them down at free public signings or at the MTS IcePlex which is their practice facility they use when the MTS Centre is being used for concerts or booked for other events. So far the Jets have used the IcePlex maybe a dozen times this season. This week the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League are in town to play two playoff games (possibly 3 if a game 7 is neccessary).  The MTS Centre will be used for the WHL playoff games, so I am hoping that there will be an opportunity to get the last few remaining autographs from some of the Jets players.
Two weeks ago I went to the the MTS IcePlex, but had minimal luck getting anything signed. There were around 1000 fans in attendance. Getting autographs in the parking lot is also difficult as most of the lot has been fenced off. Eric Fehr, Alex Burmistrov, Zach Bogosian, Mark Flood, Grant Clitsome, and Charlie Huddy were nice enough to come over to sign for us. Here is a photo of Eric Fehr signing:
So here's to hoping that we can get a few things signed this week as I will be off all week for Spring Break! Big thanks to the Wynne Dog for letting me use the photos for the blog! Thanks to Jordan for the gold paint pen! Happy collecting everyone!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Al MacInnis 3/5 cards signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o St. Louis Blues
Date Sent: March 7, 2012
Date Received: March 22, 2012
Total Time: 15 Days


Henry Winkler 2/3 4x6 photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o P.O. Box 49914 Los Angeles, CA 90049
Date Sent: March 1, 2012
Date Received: March 22, 2012
Total Time: 21 Days

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Steve Shutt 3/3 4x6 photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Cimco Refrigeration
Date Sent: February 15, 2012
Date Received: March 20, 2012
Total Time: 34 Days

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The Dallas Stars were in town yesterday to play the Winnipeg Jets. The Jets won the game 5-2 to keep their playoff hopes alive. During the 24 hours that the Stars were in town, I was able to get autographs from a few of the players. Jamie Benn was extremely cool and signed everything I had. I was also able to get my first RACKRS autograph card signed last night. I had former Hartford Whalers goaltender and current Dallas Stars color analyst Daryl Reaugh sign the RACKRS card for me. In recent years, Daryl has been a pretty tough TTM signer so I was pretty happy to get this one done. All the players seemed really cool, but because they all arrived and left together I was pretty much forced to pick and choose who I wanted. I was really hoping to get Alex Goligoski for my buddy Garrett, but unfortunately that didn't happen. That's the thing about 50/50s, sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't. Garrett I will hook you up with a Bogosian! All in all I was pretty happy to get what I got. Here are the totals:

Jamie Benn 1 photo, 3 cards
Trevor Daley 1 photo, 2 cards
Kari Lehtonen 2 photos
Mike Ribeiro 1 photo
Sheldon Souray 2 photos, 1 card
Daryl Reaugh 1 card


Erik Condra 4/4 4x6 photos and card signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Ottawa Senators
Date Sent: February 22, 2012
Date Received: March 15, 2012
Total Time: 22 Days

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Brian Burke 2/4 4x6 photos signed in Silver Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Toronto Maple Leafs
Date Sent: February 9, 2012
Date Received: March 14, 2012
Total Time: 34 Days

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Just got in from getting Darius Rucker! Darius is best known as the lead singer of 1990s rock group "Hootie and The Blowfish". Hootie was super cool! The Wynne Dog and I waited outside his tour bus for about 10 minutes before he returned from the MTS Centre stage. Darius was in town to open up for Lady Antebellum. I got the signedin Blue Sharpie. In hindsight I probably should have used Silver, but I was still thrilled to meet and get autographs from one of the guys I grew up listening to! Here is one of my favorite Darius/Hootie songs:


Frank Stallone was in town last Friday for a concert at The Pyramid Cabaret here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Big thanks goes out to my buddy the Wynne Dog for getting this one signed for me as I was busy at work that night. Apparently Frank was really cool and talked boxing for awhile with my buddy before the show. Very happy to be adding this one to the collection!


In the past few years less and less players are willing to sign white index cards. The last few seasons I would have rookie players, coaches, broadcasters, team management, basically anyone of interest who didn't have an actual card or photo sign index cards. A lot of players are now refusing to sign blank index cards. Chris Thornbun of the Winnipeg Jets told me that he will only sign colored paper, cards, or photos. He said he no longer signs white paper or index cards because it could be transferred onto a document such as a cheque or be used to endorse a letter.
This season I have let a lot of NHL rookies, Hall of Fame broadcasters, scouts, etc pass me by because I simply did not have anything for them to sign, so I decided to place an order at RACKRS.COM. I am hoping to get a few of these signed before the season ends. I highly recommend placing an order if you are an autograph collector like myself.

I also received Blank Baseball Autograph Cards for the upcoming Winnipeg Goldeyes season:
Thick, high quality, non-gloss autograph cards that can be signed with anything from a Sharpie™ to pencil. Each set of 25 cards comes in a convenient, crystal clear case suitable for display. These cards are great for Through the Mail (TTM) Collectors or In Person Autographs. These cards were designed by a collector, for collectors. If you don't like these cards for any reason we will give you a full refund of your purchase price.

You can visit RACKRS The Sports Memorabilia Community at:

Monday, March 12, 2012


Andy Bathgate 6/6 4x6 photos and cards signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home
Date Sent: February 22, 2012
Date Received: March 12, 2012
Total Time: 19 Days

Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Winnipeg Jets held an optional skate yesterday afternoon at their practice facility the MTS IcePlex.  The Jets use their practice facility once or twice a month whenever the MTS Centre is being used for an event, in this case it was being used for the Monster Jam monster truck event.  Only a handful of players took part in the skate, but atleast 1000 fans showed up to watch the Jets practice.
I said it many times in the past, although the Jets are the hometown team they are the hardest team to get autos from.  There are almost no opportunities to meet them anywhere except for free public signings. Yesterday I was extremely lucky to get a few autos from a couple players. Alex Burmistrov, Zach Bogosian, and Chris Mason in my opinion are the nicest guys on the team! I'm not sure how they are on the road, but in Winnipeg they will sign whatever you have. Yesterday afternoon there was a mob of about 200 fans waiting in the parking lot so when Alex Burmistrov approached me to sign I told him to only sign 1 photo because there were so many fans here to meet him. He replied "No, I sign all for you".  The owner of the Winnipeg Jets, Mr. Mark Chipman signed a puck for me and Zach Bogosian also did the same. My buddy Mike and I got Zach Bogosian on his way into practice and he signed everything I had. Eric Fehr also stopped to sign for everyone. He signed my new 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 2 card and told me that this was the first time he had ever seen the card. Charlie Huddy, Mark Flood, Chris Mason, and Grant Clitsome also stopped to sign for everyone. Here are the totals:

Alexander Burmistrov 3 photos, 3 card (hatryx8 50/50)
Zach Bogosian 1 photo, 4 cards, 1 puck
Mark Chipman 1 puck
Charlie Huddy 1 photo
Eric Fehr 1 card

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