Thursday, May 31, 2012


Roger Waters arrived in Winnipeg around 4:00 PM for the first of 2 sold out shows at the MTS Centre. I found out that Roger Waters would be arriving around 3 or 4 PM so my girlfriend and I headed down to his arrival spot. There were about 6 or 7 of us waiting for Roger. We waited on the boulevard as his entourage of SUV's approached us. I couldn't believe it! The SUV leading the way stopped. One of Roger Water's bodyguards got out and motioned for us all to approach the vehicle. He told us all to form a line and Mr. Waters would sign 1 item each. Roger Waters unrolled the back window and the bodyguard handed him a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen. The meeting was very brief. I was the first to get a photo signed followed by my girlfriend. I was able to capture a bit of the meeting on my iPhone. The video is posted above.
Roger Waters is unbelievably nice! I can't wait to go to the second show tomorrow night! He is in town for another night, so I may hit him up for a photo. Awesome success!!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Chuck "Iceman" Liddell 2/3 4x6 photo signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home
Date Sent: May 8, 2012
Date Received: May 30, 2012
Total Time: 22 Days

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Rob Lowe arrived in Winnipeg last night around 9:00 PM. I was one of the 3 people Rob signed for before being rushed away by his handlers. Rob Lowe is in town to film the movie Imperfect Justice which begins to film today. Rob will be in Winnipeg for the next 20 days. Rob Lowe will potray prosecutor Jeff Ashton.
Rob Lowe seemed to be in a pretty good mood while signing. I think he would have signed for all of us who were there, but the local Winnipeg security has probably watched a little too much TMZ and thought it was a good idea to treat Mr. Lowe like a huge star and whisk him away quickly. There was a total of 8 people waiting to meet Rob Lowe.


Kevin Dunn arrived at the Winnipeg Airport yesterday. Kevin Dunn is in town for the movie Imperfect Justice. The film is about the story of Casey Anthony, the mother who was acquitted of murder charges for killing her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Kevin Dunn will portray George Anthony in the film.
Kevin Dunn was very quiet when we approached him. He signed 2 photos for me and posed for pictures with a couple other fans. Kevin Dunn is best known for his role on Transformers as Ron Witwicky.


I had another surprise in-person success this afternoon. While waiting at the airport for actors and actresses to arrive for the "Imperfect Justice" movie which is being shot here in Winnipeg, I was lucky enough to meet legendary boxer George Chuvalo. Mr. Chuvalo signed an index card for me as I was totally unprepared to meet him. George Chuvalo is best known for his fights against Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman. Muhammad Ali is quoted as saying that "George Chuvalo is the toughest man I have ever fought". George Chuvalo was never knocked down during his boxing career.
I also posed for a pic with Mr. Chuvalo. I will be placing an order for Rackrs Ring Cards immediately! Rackrs would have definitely come in handy today at the airport!


I was lucky to meet Jim Cuddy today! Jim is the frontman of the Canadian music group Blue Rodeo. Jim Cuddy was in Winnipeg today to attend a meeting for the upcoming Folk Festival which takes place every Summer here in Manitoba. I was waiting at the airport today for actors and actresses of the "Imperfect Justice" movie to arrive and Mr. Cuddy arrived on a flight from Toronto. Jim signed index cards and posed for photos. He was pretty surprised to have people notice him. Pretty cool success!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Henry Rollins: The Ugly World of eBay Hustling

A few weeks ago, Henry Rollins wrote a very interesting article on his Blog regarding autograph dealers and something he calls eBay Hustling. I am sure many of you have already read it, but if you haven't please check out
Henry Rollins rolls into Winnipeg for a show at the Burton Cummings Theatre on June 9, 2012......

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Switchfoot is in town today for a show at the Garrick Centre here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was able to get an 8x10 photo signed by all 5 members of the band! All the guys were very nice and had no problems signing. The guys arrived in Winnipeg around 2PM after a 14 hour road trip from Chicago, IL. Jon, Tim, Chad, Jerome, and Drew signed my photo about an hour ago before their soundcheck which was at 4PM. We stood behind the Garrick Centre and got the guys coming into the venue in the back. We were lucky to get this one as it rain on and off all day long here in Winnipeg.  All the guys are very nice! Big success from a decent band! 


Jaroslav Halak 2/2 cards signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o St. Louis Blues
Date Sent: November 30, 2011
Date Received: May 22, 2012
Total Time: 174 Days

Saturday, May 19, 2012


What an awesome week of in-person graphing here in Peg City! Over the course of 7 days I was able to get in-person autos from Norm MacDonald, Royce Gracie, Alex Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, and B.B. King! In the next few weeks I am hoping to see Roger Waters, Rob Lowe, Tatanka, Loverboy, Randy Travis, George Thorogood, and the rock group Switchfoot. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers' football training camp opens at the end of the month as well.
If you are interested in trading or purchasing autographs, please visit the Canadian Sports Autographs Store at . Big news this week: you can visit this blog by going to
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Thank you for your continued support!

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Friday, May 18, 2012


Sergei Bobrovsky 7/7 4x6 Photos and cards signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Philadelphia Flyers Practice Facility
Date Sent: March 7, 2012
Date Received: May 18, 2012
Total Time: 72 Days

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Legendary Guitarist B.B. King was in town last night to perform a show at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall. After a few hours of waiting I was able to get an 8x10 photo signed by Mr. King!
 I arrived at the venue before the show, but unfortunately Mr. King did not sign., Before entering the building, B.B. waved to all of us (video above). After the show, B.B. was quickly rolled away to his tour bus by his bodyguards. B.B. travels with a large entourage and 3 large bodyguards who are all business! As soon as I seen B.B. get into his tour bus, I jumped in my car and went to the hotel that Mr. King was staying at. Autoboy Winnipeg, a local collector, and myself were able to get B.B.'s autograph. Mr. King was quiet, but signed for the 3 of us.
I was very happy to get an autograph from a living legend like B.B. King. For anyone who will be trying to get B.B.'s autograph in the future, my advice to you is to be very kind to the bodyguards and let them know that you would like to have B.B. sign something for you. Believe it or not, this was one of the hardest autographs I have been able to obtain in quite awhile. Well worth it though!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is an in-person success from a few weeks ago. My buddy the Wynne Dog was able to get actor/comedian Michael Winslow to sign an 8x10 photo for me outside of Rumor's Comedy Club here in Winnipeg. Michael Winslow who is know as the "Man of 1000 Sound Effects" was in town for the annual Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Michael is best known for his role as Sgt. Larvell Jones in the Police Academy movies.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Sean Couturier 3/6 4x6 Photos signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Philadelphia Flyers Practice Facility
Date Sent: March 7, 2012
Date Received: May 14, 2012
Total Time: 68 Days
Crazy return! If you watched the video from the weekend of me talking with Wolfgang Van Halen, I mention the very same Sean Couturier!!


George Stroumboulopoulos 3/3 4x6 Photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o CBC Audience Relations
Date Sent: May 3, 2012
Date Received: May 14, 2012
Total Time: 11 Days


Just got in from getting Eddie Van Halen once again! While I was researching Eddie Van Halen's signing habits a week ago, all I heard were bad stories that Eddie was a bad signer. Apparently this doesn't apply to the collectors of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Eddie Van Halen was great to all of us. Tonight after the show, Eddie once again signed for us. I was able to get some footage after he signed for me, but it is pretty shaky as I was pretty pumped to meet one of the greatest musicians that ever lived! In the past 24 hours I have been able to get autographs from all the Van Halen's, however I didn't see David Lee Roth once throughout the time Van Halen were in town. DLR didn't fly in with the band, nor did he stay at the same hotel. It would have been nice to get Diamond Dave, but I am not complaining at all since I was able to get 2 autographs of Eddie Van Halen!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


This has been a huge weekend for me here in Winnipeg for in-person sucesses! Just got in from getting in-person autgraphs from legendary rockband Van Halen. I was able to get 8x10 photos signed by Alex Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen and even Eddie Van Halen! I will post scans tomorrow from all three, but for now I wanted to share a short video I recorded on my iPhone of my encounter with Wolfgang Van Halen. Wolfie was super cool! He is a huge hockey fan. We talked with him for about 5 minutes before I turned on the camera to record a bit of the encounter. Wolgang told us that he thinks the Rangers are going to win the Stanley Cup this year. They had a big win earlier tonight beating the Washington Capitals and moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals. Wolfie also talked about the Philadelphia Flyers and his love for goaltender Ilya Brygalov. He said that he loved him on HBO 24/7. I recorded the final minute of the conversation and told him that the Flyers were lucky to draft Sean Couturier one pick ahead of Mark Scheifele.
Scans of the autographs will be posted tomorrow. I thought I had no hope in hell getting Eddie Van Halen, but myself and Autoboy Winnipeg were the only two collectors that he signed for! Please check out my video and let me know what you think.


 This might be my fastest update ever! Royce Gracie signed an 8x10 photo for me about 20 minutes ago. Mr. Gracie is in town for the Grand-Opening of a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy here in downtown Winnipeg. Royce and his brother Royler Gracie are currently running a Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar at Windsor Park High School which is a 2 minute drive from where I live. As you can see in the video posted above, Mr. Gracie was very kind and signed autographs for me and 2 buddies. Be sure to check the blog throughout the weekend as Van Halen and the Black Keys will be in town for two separate shows! See you soon!

Friday, May 11, 2012


This morning I was able to get a few autographs from Comedian/Actor Norm MacDonald. Norm is in town for a sold out show tonight at the Burton Cummings Theatre here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Norm was awesome! He signed autographs, posed for photos, and talked with us for several minutes. I also got comedian Josh Gardner to sign a Rackrs card for me. Josh was eager to sign something so I asked him to sign the card. I was also able to capture a bit of this on my iPhone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I went to the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball game last night. The Goldeyes took on the St. Paul Saints. At the game I was able to get a couple 8x10s signed by current Winnipeg Goldeye Jon Weber. Jon Weber spent some time with the Yankees, Dodgers, and Rays organizations. Jon was surprised to see these ones as was a good signer as to be expected with a AA baseball player.
The Winnipeg Goldeyes play in the American Association of Independant Professional Baseball. The weater was brutal last night. The rain did not stop until after I left the ballpark. I brought cards and photos of St. Paul Saints coaches and former Major Leaguers George Tsamis and Kerry Lightenberg, but wasn't able to get them signed because of the rain. The Winnipeg Goldeyes also feature a roster that has former Major Leaguers Chris Roberson and Bill Pulispher. I should be able to get a few autographs from them throughout the season. Rackrs baseball cards will definitely come in handy this season!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Krist Novoselic 4/3 4x6 Photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Private Address
Date Sent: March 29, 2012
Date Received: May 7, 2012
Total Time: 39 Days
Extremely happy to get this one back! I sent 3 photos to Krist's office via a Private Address that is only available on The Autograph Network Members Only site. Got 4 autographs back today. 3 of the photos appear to be also signed by Dave Grohl. I am interested to see what your thoughts are on this. If these are actually authentic this will go down as one of my Top 5 all time favorite successes!


David Suzuki 3/3 4x6 Photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o David Suzuki Foundation
Date Sent: April 13, 2012
Date Received: May 7, 2012
Total Time: 24 Days

David Suzuki, is a Canadian academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist. In 2004, David Suzuki was voted the 5th Greatest Canadian of All Time according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hey guys! Not much to report these days. Last week was one of the slowest I have had in terms of TTM successes. Things will be picking up real soon as the month of May is full of concerts, comedy shows, AA baseball, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers training camp. This past week I sent a boat load of TTM requests so I am hoping to have much more to report in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please check out some of my links which are located on the right hand side of your computer screen >>>>>.  My buddy Ruben over at Rackrs.Com is always giving away autographs and Rackrs cards so be sure to Like Rackrs on Facebook as well. Mike over at The Autograph Network is always posting vids on Youtube so be sure to check him out frequently. Also check out some of my new autograph pals The Autoboy Winnipeg Blog and JonWayne's Autographs! Last but not least if you are interested in any of the autographs you see on my blog you can purchase or propose a trade at the Canadian Sports Autographs Store

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Bruce Jenner 2/2 4x6 photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home
Date Sent: March 5, 2012
Date Received: May 1, 2012
Total Time: 57 Days

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