Monday, May 7, 2012


Krist Novoselic 4/3 4x6 Photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Private Address
Date Sent: March 29, 2012
Date Received: May 7, 2012
Total Time: 39 Days
Extremely happy to get this one back! I sent 3 photos to Krist's office via a Private Address that is only available on The Autograph Network Members Only site. Got 4 autographs back today. 3 of the photos appear to be also signed by Dave Grohl. I am interested to see what your thoughts are on this. If these are actually authentic this will go down as one of my Top 5 all time favorite successes!

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  1. BOOM!!!!! Congrats bro, I think I am the only person who wrote to Krist who did not get a Dave Grohl auto, but its all good, its NIRVANA!!!!!!!


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