Thursday, May 31, 2012


Roger Waters arrived in Winnipeg around 4:00 PM for the first of 2 sold out shows at the MTS Centre. I found out that Roger Waters would be arriving around 3 or 4 PM so my girlfriend and I headed down to his arrival spot. There were about 6 or 7 of us waiting for Roger. We waited on the boulevard as his entourage of SUV's approached us. I couldn't believe it! The SUV leading the way stopped. One of Roger Water's bodyguards got out and motioned for us all to approach the vehicle. He told us all to form a line and Mr. Waters would sign 1 item each. Roger Waters unrolled the back window and the bodyguard handed him a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen. The meeting was very brief. I was the first to get a photo signed followed by my girlfriend. I was able to capture a bit of the meeting on my iPhone. The video is posted above.
Roger Waters is unbelievably nice! I can't wait to go to the second show tomorrow night! He is in town for another night, so I may hit him up for a photo. Awesome success!!!!


  1. we did great buddy more later tonight

  2. Damn Veronica! Always in my videos! I hope people don't assume that she's my girlfriend. Weak!

  3. yeah right not a chance i heard she was with scottie


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