Monday, May 14, 2012


Just got in from getting Eddie Van Halen once again! While I was researching Eddie Van Halen's signing habits a week ago, all I heard were bad stories that Eddie was a bad signer. Apparently this doesn't apply to the collectors of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Eddie Van Halen was great to all of us. Tonight after the show, Eddie once again signed for us. I was able to get some footage after he signed for me, but it is pretty shaky as I was pretty pumped to meet one of the greatest musicians that ever lived! In the past 24 hours I have been able to get autographs from all the Van Halen's, however I didn't see David Lee Roth once throughout the time Van Halen were in town. DLR didn't fly in with the band, nor did he stay at the same hotel. It would have been nice to get Diamond Dave, but I am not complaining at all since I was able to get 2 autographs of Eddie Van Halen!

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