Monday, July 30, 2012


Earlier this evening I was able to meet and get autographs from Mr. Billy Ocean. Billy Ocean arrived in Winnipeg tonight, two nights early for his sold out show at McPhillips Casino on Wednesday August 1st. Billy was super nice! Mr. Ocean signed 2 albums and 2 photos for my girlfriend and I. Billy Ocean is a Grammy Award winner. He is best known for his hits "Caribbean Queen", "Get outta my dreams, get into my car", and many others. While waiting for Billy Ocean, opera super group Il Divo arrived in Winnipeg as well. I was totally unprepared for Il Divo. I should have known that there was a chance they would arrive, as they have a show tomorrow at the MTS Centre. Nonetheless I am beyond happy to add Billy Ocean to my collection as I grew up listening to his music!


Kris Kristofferson 3/3 4x6 Photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home (The Autograph Network)
Date Sent: July 13, 2012
Date Received: July 30, 2012
Total Time: 17 Days

Sunday, July 29, 2012


WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana was kind enough to sign 8 photos for me during his wrestling tour with CWE 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine that works for CWE had Tito sign these. During the tour, Tito was said to be very pleasant and a great person to work with! There are already talks of Tito Santana returning to Western Canada very soon.
CWE returns to Winnipeg August 17th. Former WWE Superstar "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher is scheduled to appear. One week later, former WCW/NWO star Konnan will be in Winnipeg for a AAA Tryout and Seminar. You can learn more about the CWE by visiting

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Duane "Dog" Chapman had a signing this morning at the Lonestar Harley Davidson here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. "Dog" was in town for a speaking engagement last night. I arrived at the Harley store this morning around 9:45AM. I arrived 45 minutes early for his scheduled signing and only 25 people were ahead of me. This event was not advertised to the public at all. The only people who knew of the signing were the people in attendance at last nights speaking event and the customers of Harley Davidson Winnipeg. When I arrived I was searched by security as was everyone who entered the store to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter. This was the first time I have ever seen security do body searches at an in-store signing (pretty weird if you ask me). There were at least 15 hired security guards for this event. I kid you not when I tell you how ridiculous and paranoid the promoters of Winnipeg are when they bring in "celebrities". While I stood in line the promoter came up to me to let me know that Dog would only sign Harley Davidson items. I told the promoter that I had no problem giving him $20 to have Dog sign my photo for my collection. The promoter told me that I could ask Dog to sign my photo, but there's a good chance he probably won't. Dog arrived at exactly 10:30 AM. Dog was a complete gentleman and signed 1 item for everyone in attendance. Dog signed and personalized a photo to my son FREE of charge. By 10:30 AM there was about 100 people in line. I shook Dog's hand and he asked me if I was Native. I told him yes and he told me that he was half as well. I was surprised that Dog recognized that I am Aboriginal! (bros recognize bros). He signed my photo for my son and said "Have a good one brah!" Very happy about this success!

Message to Winnipeg promoters:

1.) Don't alienate your fans and customers
2.) ADVERTISE. It pays off in the end.
3.) There is no need to hire ridiculous amounts of security guards and certainly no reason to search people at a public meet and greet.
4.) Friendly Manitoba. Its on all of our car license plates here in the Province.
5.) Thank you for bringing in the celebrities. I appreciate the opportunity to meet the ones I can.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Eric Singer 3/3 4x6 Photos signed in Purple Paint Pen
Address Used: c/o Home (The Autograph Network)
Date Sent: May 29, 2012
Date Received: July 26, 2012
Total Time: 58 Days

Monday, July 23, 2012


Steve Earle was in Winnipeg last night to perform a sold out show at the McPhillips Station Casino. I wanted to go to the concert, but unfortunately I couldn't take anymore time off work as I went to the Slash concert the night before. Steve Earle had a free signing at the end of his show. My girlfriend was kind enough to go to the venue and have Steve sign a couple of 8x10 photos for me! (I owe ya).  Steve Earle wrote and performs two of my favorite songs of all time, one being "Guitar Town" and the other "Copperhead Road". Steve signed autographs and posed for photos with everyone who stayed after the show to meet him. I hope Steve Earle returns to the Peg soon!


Darrell Sheets 5/4 4x6 Photos signed in Black Sharpie
Address Used: c/o PO BOX (The Autograph Network)
Date Sent: May 29, 2012
Date Received: July 23, 2012
Total Time: 55 Days

*Also added autographed 8x10 poster of Brandon Sheets*

Saturday, July 21, 2012


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I am still pumped about this one! Thanks to the legwork of Autoboy and Scotty I was able to get autographs from Slash and Myles Kennedy. Autoboy found out the whereabouts of Slash. Slash and the band were staying at a downtown Winnipeg hotel where not many big name acts stay these days.  I arrived at the hotel around 2:30 PM Central time and by 3:30 PM I had autographs from both Slash and Myles. Slash's drummer Brent Fitz who is a Wininpegger came out first and talked to the autographers for a bit. I told him that I met Morris Lukowich a week ago and Morris was talking to my friend Mark about him. Brent thought that was real cool. He said, "I know Morris! He lives in Calgary now!". 
Myles Kennedy was the second out. He stopped and signed the photo I had of him. He also posed for a photo with Scotty. Myles was very cool!
About a minute later Slash came out with bodyguards. Slash said, "Sorry guys I can't sign. I have to get to the venue for soundcheck." I was holding up the Guitar magazine I had for him to sign and I said "You rocked Wininpeg back in 2010, do the samething tonight brother!". Slash stopped and signalled his bodyguard to grab the magazine. The bodyguard brought the magazine onto the tour bus and within a minute the bodyguard came out and said "here you go brother". Awesome successes today! I was the only person to get Slash's autograph on this occasion. Hope you like the magazine Lou!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Bert Olmstead 4/4 4x6 Photos and Rackrs Card signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home (The Autograph Network)
Date Sent: July 10, 2012
Date Received: July 20, 2012
Total Time: 10 Days

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Mary Wilson 3/3 4x6 Photos signed in Blue Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home (Write A Star)
Date Sent: June 27, 2012
Date Received: July 18, 2012
Total Time: 21 Days

Monday, July 16, 2012


Ron Hextall brought the Stanley Cup to the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba this morning. Flyersfan27 and I made the 2 hour journey from Winnipeg to Brandon to meet Mr. Hextall and to get a photo with the Stanley Cup! We also bumped into our collecting buddy Mark who is also a proud son of B-Town. Mr. Hextall served as the Assistant General Manager for the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. Ron is was also born in Brandon and played his junior hockey for the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League. Ron Hextall signed a 16x20, 8x10 and a Philadelphia Flyers puck. Well worth the trip in my opinion to get one of my childhood heroes! Big thanks to Flyersfan27 and the Thumper for hooking up the photos!


Last Thursday night the Amadeus Steen Foundation held their 6th Annual Charity Auction at a local establishment here in Winnipeg. The event was first class all the way! The food and drinks were great and the 50+ NHL players from the past and present were awesome as well! Some of the players in attendance included: Bobby Hull, Alex Steen, Thomas Steen, Johnny Bower, Curtis Joseph, Tobias Enstrom, Kevin Shattenkirk, Morris Lukowich, Ulf Nilsson, Dennis Hull, TJ Oshie, and many others. The event cost $50 to attend. The $50 got you into the event, free food, a chance to bid on autographed items and the chance to mingle with all the players in attendance. Morris Lukowich and Thomas Steen chatted with the autograph crew for about 20 minutes. All the players were first class. The event itself was a huge success for the Amadeus Steen Foundation. All the local Winnipeg collectors in attendance plan on going back next year and also contributing autographed photos and memorabilia to the organization for their charity auction. You can learn more about the Amadeus Steen Foundation by going to . I highly recommend supporting the Foundation!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Two nights ago at the Amadeus Steen Foundation Fundraiser Gala I was able to get "The Golden Jet" Bobby Hull to sign my brand new Chicago Blackhawks #9 jersey. This is already one of the best items I have in my collection. I am looking forward to getting this framed very soon! In the next few days I will post the rest of the items I was lucky enough to get signed while at the Gala. If you are in the Winnipeg area in July I highly recommend to check out the Amadeus Steen Foundation Gala. There were over 50 past and present NHL players in attendance. A great night for everyone who was in attendance!


James Garner 3/3 4x6 Photos signed in Black and Silver Sharpie
Address Used: c/o Home (Write A Star)
Date Sent: June 27, 2012
Date Received: July 13, 2012
Total Time: 16 Days

Thursday, July 12, 2012


The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club held a development camp for all of their rookies and prospects in the organization. The camp was held all week at the MTS IcePlex. Yesterday morning I was able to get autographs from most of the camp participants. I was happy to get an autograph from Jacob Trouba who was the Jets first round draft pick this year. Jacob was very cool. I warned him about the harsh winters we experience up here in Canada. Mark Scheifele also stopped to sign for me yesterday morning. He looks to be about 15-20 pounds heavier (muscle) from the last time I got him a year ago. I was also able to get Lukas Sutter and Scott Kosmachuk. Both players signed everything I had for them as did everyone I approached. Rookie camp finishes up tomorrow afternoon at the IcePlex.


Last Saturday, Canadian rocker Sass Jordan was in town for a show at McPhillips Street Casino. I was able to get Sass to sign a couple of photos for me early that day when she arrived in Winnipeg. Sass was very nice and surprised to see the 3 of us who were there to greet her. Sass Jordan was also a judge on Canadian Idol (the short lived Canadian version of American Idol).

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