Thursday, July 12, 2012


It has been about a week since I have updated the site. I have been busy with work, the beach, sports, and more of the beach. I will try to catch you up to date as to what I have been able to obtain in the past week. I have been shut out of TTM's for the past 9 days. Nothing but bills and flyers in the mailbox!

Last week, Dale Hawerchuk held a VIP Night for fans and sponsors of his annual golf tournament. I was unable to attend the event, but my good friend John who is a sponsor of Dale Hawerchuk's Foundation was able to get more than a few autos for me. Big thanks to John and DK for all the great sigs to add to the collection! Here are the totals:

Dale Hawerchuk 3 8x10s

Gerry Cheevers 2 8x10s
Billy Smith 3 8x10s
Brad Park 1 8x10
Keith Acton 1 8x10
Butch Goring 3 8x10s
Kris King 2 8x10s
Jimmy Mann 1 8x10
Dave Ellett 3 8x10s
Mark Scheifele 1 8x10, 3 cards

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