Saturday, July 28, 2012


Duane "Dog" Chapman had a signing this morning at the Lonestar Harley Davidson here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. "Dog" was in town for a speaking engagement last night. I arrived at the Harley store this morning around 9:45AM. I arrived 45 minutes early for his scheduled signing and only 25 people were ahead of me. This event was not advertised to the public at all. The only people who knew of the signing were the people in attendance at last nights speaking event and the customers of Harley Davidson Winnipeg. When I arrived I was searched by security as was everyone who entered the store to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter. This was the first time I have ever seen security do body searches at an in-store signing (pretty weird if you ask me). There were at least 15 hired security guards for this event. I kid you not when I tell you how ridiculous and paranoid the promoters of Winnipeg are when they bring in "celebrities". While I stood in line the promoter came up to me to let me know that Dog would only sign Harley Davidson items. I told the promoter that I had no problem giving him $20 to have Dog sign my photo for my collection. The promoter told me that I could ask Dog to sign my photo, but there's a good chance he probably won't. Dog arrived at exactly 10:30 AM. Dog was a complete gentleman and signed 1 item for everyone in attendance. Dog signed and personalized a photo to my son FREE of charge. By 10:30 AM there was about 100 people in line. I shook Dog's hand and he asked me if I was Native. I told him yes and he told me that he was half as well. I was surprised that Dog recognized that I am Aboriginal! (bros recognize bros). He signed my photo for my son and said "Have a good one brah!" Very happy about this success!

Message to Winnipeg promoters:

1.) Don't alienate your fans and customers
2.) ADVERTISE. It pays off in the end.
3.) There is no need to hire ridiculous amounts of security guards and certainly no reason to search people at a public meet and greet.
4.) Friendly Manitoba. Its on all of our car license plates here in the Province.
5.) Thank you for bringing in the celebrities. I appreciate the opportunity to meet the ones I can.

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