Monday, August 27, 2012


I returned home from my vacation a couple nights ago. What an awesome time I had. The United States is a beautiful country! I travelled throughout the mountains of North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming while visiting many historical sites. My trip consisted of boating, rafting, fishing, swimming and all that good stuff that people do when they camp. I also participated in many cultural ceremonies and actually lived in a teepee for a week! As many of you may already know, I am a proud Aboriginal Canadian (Native/Indian). It was great to once again visit many places with such historical meaning to my culture and significance to all of North America.
While I was away, my good Mike got 5 different in-person autographed photos for me. The first was legendary racer Mario Andretti who was in Winnipeg for a free meet and greet at a local Car & Tire shop. Mike told me that Mario was very nice! The second was former Winnipeg Jets player Perry Miller. Perry grew up in Winnipeg in the same neighborhood as me (Weston). I was pumped when I saw the inscription! This is going up on the wall!
Mike also got me an autographed photo of former Atlanta Braves relief pitcher and current pitching coach of the St. Paul Saints, Kerry Lightenberg.
Last but not least, Mike was able to get me Canadian Rock N Roll legend Kim Mitchell as well as Junior Wimbledon Champion Felipe Peliwo! Huge thank you to the Wynne Dog for getting me all of these while I was gone. I defintely have some good friends here in Winnipeg! My friend John was also able to get me an autographed Steve Nash 8x10 Los Angeles Lakers photo this past weekend at a function in Toronto! That's another one that's going up on the wall! I also have to thank my friend's over at CWE as they got me a few Brian Christopher autographed photos while I was away.
Moral of this story is to make sure you make friends in this hobby! I am steady getting autographs for friends all over North America and here in Winnipeg. If you have the means to do it, there's definitely no need to be greedy. As you can see, it all comes back in time! It's great to be back!

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