Monday, September 17, 2012


This afternoon I did some more autograph picking. This time I was able to find two autographed books from two of the greatest hockey players that ever played the game! I found the books at a Flea Market fundraiser currently being held at the Garden City Shopping Mall here in Winnipeg. Unlike previous times when I have picked autographed books from thrift stores, I had to wheel and deal with a used book dealer who basically didn't truly know what he had.

The first signed book I found was "and...Howe!" signed by both Gordie Howe and his late wife Colleen Howe. The book dealer was fully aware of the insciption in the book and originally wanted $20, but I was able to bargain with him and get this one for $10.00!! Gordie Howe has become a tough autograph to obtain in the past few years. Happy to add this one.
The second book I found and purchased was "My Life in Hockey" by Jean Beliveau. The book dealer also wanted $20 for this one. I was able to bargain him down to $15.00! Mr. Beliveau has had some health problems over the past year. Before his health problems, Jean Beliveau was a great signer TTM, but has slowed down signing a lot.
Two great pick-ups for the growing signed book collection and it only cost me $25 bucks! 

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