Friday, September 7, 2012


Just returned home from an awesome and surprising Roxette in-person success! Everyone that was lucky enough to meet Roxette definitely put in their time tonight! Marie and Per were scheduled to arrive in Winnipeg earlier in the evening, but a storm in Manitoba prevented that. The local autograph crew and I waited about 4 hours or so to meet Roxette. After meeting them, I can tell you that it was well worth the wait! Both Marie and Per were super nice and signed everything we had! For those of you that follow me via Twitter @FirstRow_ca would have seen that there was a point in the night that I thought the night was a failure. After contemplating leaving, I returned to the meeting place and was able to meet one of my favorite Pop groups from the 80s! I was able to get four 8x10s and one 11x14 photo signed. I am looking forward tomorrow night's show at the MTS Centre. Patience once again paid off!

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