Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - The Autograph Community

I am often asked, "How do you find the addresses to all the stars and celebrities you write to?" or "If I send to this celeb, will they sign an autograph for me?"

The answer I give is simple, Join is essential if you are an Autograph Collector, especially if you collect TTM (Through-the-mail). There you will find tested addresses. Basically a tested address will tell you whether or not the celebrity you are writing to request an autograph from has a habit of returning signed autographs. You will also get all the current and updated address to the stars you would like to contact.

I have also found StarTiger to be a great way to manage my collection. I can look back and find information as to how long it took for the celebrity to reply to me. I also scan a lot of the items I have received back from the athletes/celebrities I have sent to in the past. is also a great way to meet fellow collectors and share you stories.

All in all, as a long time collector, I definitely recommend signing up for an account. It is definitely worth the subscription fee which is very inexpensive. You can try out by Clicking Here

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