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'Cause Stone Cold Rick Said So - Comic Cons

Win a Trip to NY Comic Con

It's no secret that there's a Comic Con every week in the US , most of those have autograph signers. While they bring in artists/story writers.. some bring in celebs, wrestlers, sports stars or music stars who have no connection to comics to sign. This is obviously to bring in wide range of fans or variety.. but is it worth going?

Always have a back up signers or multiple people you want to sign. If that one person ends up canceling.. you don't want to get stuck with paying an entrance fee (if you end up pre-paying online). While the cons have high priced signers, there are some that will charge for small fee or in some cases FREE. If there's signers you want to meet (mostly artists/writers), Tweet /email or contact them on Facebook.

On my outing to Stan Lee's Comic Con last week, I had already known and was shock that three of them signed for FREE! In the case of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmoli (artists and writer of Harley Quinn series) they sign up to 5 items free and addition items $5 each!!. Also for these free signers, make sure they are the first priority since lines can be long.

Also, I think they cut of the line a few people after me and it was only 12:30 PM when I got their signatures. Even with free or cheap signers, a little research could yield that they may not do public signings as much (compared to online ) This was the case of Iron Maiden cover artist - he lives in the UK and this con was the only one he has done this year (or for a while). So in other words, I may never meet any members of IM, but I can sure meet the cover artists of their albums.. and I love his work and he signed on "Somewhere in Time" and "Number of the Beast" .

As with Comic Cons, these places can be cramped with people and with Cos-players .. people taking pictures can block foot traffic. If you're going to get multiple people signings, pack light or smaller items. bulky, heavy items like figurines, posters might drag you down on the convention floor. If the place you park might be far from the con entrance, you will get tired lugging stuff around. Unless for sure you getting only one and it's a rare or multiple piece you need to finish a set, plan on cards, photos or thin magazine or comics.

This maybe for comic book convention but the advice can work for baseball/sports card conventions or other hobby convention.

- Stone Cold Rick

Win a Trip to NY Comic Con

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