Monday, April 11, 2016

Autograph Resellers Dealers Ruining the Hobby?

Say what you will about the guys who spend hours upon hours haunting hotels, airports, and movie sets in quest of obtaining a celebrity's autograph for the purpose of reselling it. Check out this video posted by TMZ of Queens of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, publicly shaming an autograph seeker/dealer for allegedly trying to obtain his autograph for profit.

As a longtime IP autograph seeker, I don't see the problem with autograph hounds selling their items. As a close friend of many dealers, I can tell you that these guys are not making a living off of this. If they are, they are living well below the poverty line. Unless you are an established autograph dealer like some of my friends in New York, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, chances are your autographed items sit on eBay for months and months at a time before you finally decide to accept the low-balling Buy It Now someone offered.

Celebrities make millions of dollars each year off fans buying tickets to their shows, merchandise, products they endorse. This is not their god given right that we buy these things, just as it is not our god given right that they need to sign autographs or pose for pictures with us. Who's wrong here?

What are your thoughts on this incident? Did Josh Homme go too far? Are autograph dealers ruining the hobby? Let me know by commenting below:

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