Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Autograph Blog Website Upgrade - Donate

As a long time collector of autographs, I love sharing info with fellow collectors! TTM autograph collecting is a true passion of mine, but the fact is TTM autograph collecting is very expensive. With the cost of stamps, envelopes, photos, and address databases, the cost of the hobby adds up very quickly.

I am always happy to help out with "TTM Address of The Day" posts. I hope that the information you find on my blog everyday helps you grow your collection and brings joy to your life is it has mine! While the information and addresses I post are always FREE for you to use, if you wish to make a PayPal donation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Right now I am looking to raise money to improve the website. Eventually, I would like to move the blog over to Wordpress which would allow you to search the blog a lot easier. This would also allow you to add your own Autograph Successes/Failures. I am accepting Donations to help with the cost of upgrading. For every $10 you donate, I will send you 1 autograph from my collection.  You can let me know whether you want a sports or celebrity autograph. You can donate by clicking the link below.

Thanks again for your support! You guys rock!

- The Autograph Blog


  1. received the autos today. thank you!!!!

  2. Got them yesterday, thanksssssss!


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