Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Autograph Collector Profile - Texas Metalhead

In this week's Autograph Collector Profile, I interview longtime autograph memorabilia collector Texas Metalhead. I met Texas Metalhead through Twitter (@autographblog). We started messaging each other, sharing hard-to-find hockey addresses. TMH was looking to add a Dominik Hasek signed puck to his collection. Anyone who has ever sent a puck to be signed through the mail knows that the cost isn't cheap, especially if you're sending it overseas. This is another collector, like most of us, who is serious about his autograph collection!

"Metal" has a collection that most of us would drool over. His comprehensive autographed sports memorabilia collection includes signed baseballs, pucks, footballs, mini-helmets, sticks, jerseys, you name it! Here is my interview with Texas Metalhead:

Q. How long have you been collecting autographs?

A. For approximately 19 years off and on.  I collected as a kid until about age 16, then took some time off and just got back into it 3 years ago.

Q. What genres of autographs do you collect?  

A. Baseball and Hockey mainly, some football, and a few entertainers.

Q. Who was your first autograph?

A.  Tough question!  I don't remember, but was probably a Dallas Sidekick indoor soccer player which I used to collect a lot or possibly an old-time Dallas Cowboy.

Q. Do you collect exclusively TTM or do you autograph in-person as well?

A. I do both.

Q. How many TTM’s do you send out per week?

A. I'd say an average of 1-2 per month, though I did send about 12 out in a two-day period recently.

Q. How do you find information on addresses, signing habits, etc.? 

A. From various websites and word of mouth from other collectors. 

Q. Do you handwrite or type your letters?

A. Handwrite.

Q. Have you received any letters back from the person you sent the autograph request to? Did they include anything extra? 

A. No letters, but some have answered questions.  I have received a few extra signed cards or postcards before that I did not originally include. I only send out baseballs and pucks.

Q. What’s the best autographed item in your collection?

A. Probably an Eddie Belfour Game-Used and signed 1995-1996 Playoff goalie stick from when he was with the Blackhawks. 

 Q. How can other collectors reach you?

A. Through Twitter @tx_metalhead 

Q. Do you have any tips for anyone looking to get into the autograph hobby?  

A. Patience, research, and persistence...especially the last two.  Have to know when and where a person might be, wait for them, and don't take no for an answer!

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