Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Best Markers and Pens For Autographs

If there's one thing that I am guilty of when it comes to the Autograph Blog, it is that I tend to write a lot about through the mail autograph collecting while leaving out many tips, tricks, and stories of in-person autograph encounters I have had throughout the years. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the biggest stars in sports, music, and movies. Some of my favorites include Roger Waters, Robert Plant, Brian Wilson, Adam Levine, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Gretzky, and many others.

When I met these stars, I was well prepared. I had several items to be signed, a binder, backboard, or surface for the celebrity to use as support to ensure the best quality autograph. The most important items I always had when going out to get autographs in-person was a reliable, trusty, bold marker and pen.

A quality pen and marker could make your autograph experience not only a great experience for you, but a great experience for everyone else in attendance. In most cases, a celebrity will use the first marker they are handed. I have heard horror stories of autograph hounds waiting hours for a celebrity just to have their item signed with a faded non-permanent marker which was handed to them by a person who was unprepared.

Here is my list of the Best Markers and Pens For Autographs:

Blue Sharpie Marker - This is a must-have for all autograph collectors. Nowadays, Blue Sharpie is the accepted autograph ink of all autograph collectors. They are perfect for getting photos, cards, pucks, jersey numbers, and paper autographed. You can purchase Sharpie Markers at any stationery store like Staples and Walmart.

Bic Round Stic - When getting baseballs signed, I use Bic Round Stic. These are easy to find. Like Sharpies, they can be bought virtually anywhere.

Deco Paint Pens - These are perfect for getting hockey pucks signed. Deco paint pens are also great when getting dark photos autographed. I use silver and gold. Many collectors may also use blue and purple paint pens. It's all personal preference. When using these, you need to be ready. Make sure that you have shaken the pen and the ink is flowing. There is a lot of debate regarding Deco Paint Pens. In my opinion, they are much more reliable than silver and gold Sharpie Markers.

Sharpie Markers, Deco Paint Pens, and Bic Round Stic Pens are must-haves for all autograph collectors. If you're packing a bag, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pack a few extras markers and pens for those around you who might be standing around with a Crayola marker or pencil crayon. Always come prepared when going out for in-person autographs!


  1. I've found that with the metallic colours, Sharpie is not reliable, as you've stated. However, BIC is. Their silver, gold, and copper markers write clean and bold, with quick drying.
    I still use Sharpie blue, but for metallic, I switch to BIC.

    1. Texas Metalhead said the same thing to me last night. I'm going to give BIC metallic a try when I get pucks signed this summer. Thank you for sharing.


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