Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Care Package - Topps UFC & Star Wars Cards

Along with TTMs and fan packs, I love going to my mailbox to find care packages from friends and collectors who send me awesome items like the cards I received in the mail a few weeks back from my good friend, Sharon. Sharon is a huge WWE and UFC fan. Her sons are also big fans of sports. She is a longtime Autograph Blog supporter and a person that I am happy to call a friend. Thank you for the awesome gift! I'm looking forward to trying to get a few of these signed.

This was an awesome gesture by a friend who appreciated all the help with her family's collection. As a fellow collector who loves writing and sharing autograph hobby information, I am always happy to read your comments, suggestions, and tips for the Autograph Blog. You can always Tweet me @autographblog or send me an EMAIL. I appreciate all of your gifts and donations to the blog. You guys make this blog an awesome place. Thank you to everyone!

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