Sunday, January 15, 2017

'Cause Stone Cold Erik Said So - Where To Find Cards and Other Things To Get Signed

So you’re wondering where to find cards and other cool things for in-person signings. The obvious is card shops, EBAY and sporting good stores. Now you’re asking yourself, "but Stone Cold Erik, I don’t have a card shop in near my area." Personally, I dislike going to card shops. In my area, the don’t sell commons or cheap rookies for my TTM or IP needs. It all depends on your area and your needs.

I have found, the best alternative beside eBay is COMC which has a wonderful site on selling single cards sells on both eBay and Amazon . Word of wise, COMC will combine shipping so $3.99 if flat rate if you buy more than 1 card, which is important if you have all $1 or cheap cards. A trick: always look at what COMC has in their store, by using a search just of their store. Most often, they will have a listing they listed under an old price long ago. For example, I’m collecting Hartford Whalers autographs and I found a 1986-87 OPC version of Kevin Dineen rookie card for $1. If you don’t mind what condition the card is and getting it sign, you could score for your TTM or IP needs.

Last year, I got a 1971 Bobby Grich Rookie card for cheap even though it was VG, but still he was doing a free signing the same place as Steve Garvey , so it was cheap and cool experience to get two autos at one place. Another most obvious store are retail shops like Target, WalMart or Toys R Us. These venues also sell team sets so if you’re aiming for a local team signing this is the way to go.

The most route that is undervalued today is TRADING . For trading, I highly recommend liking the Autograph Blog Facebook Page. You can buy, sell, and trade with fellow autograph collectors. The address is

Trading via message boards or network with other people if they use Listia (a free auction site). I once urged a fellow Listia to list two Marvel Masterpiece cards I wanted for a signing which he did, and I got.

What about items of interest like pucks, or figures? I’m a big fan of store closings, and I always scope out these stores when they get closer to the end and bigger discounts. Sports Authority closed it business forever, but I managed at the last day at one store and a lot of digging- finding team sets of Lakers, Angels and Kings, especially the former which in two different years, had cheap rookie cards that could be used for signing in the future. Those for $1 each! Also found a 2014 L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Victory puck for $1.50(!!) Worthy of a future signing. Any stores not just sports could used to buy stuff for cheap if you want to stock up no matter how impossible it is. A comic book shop had 80% off everything as it was closing. One of the item is a Canary figurine - DC Direct item (sort of like McFarlane figures for DC superheroes). If Katie Cassidy or Caity Lotz does a IP signing, I'll have items to get signed.

The only drawback is that if you collect TOO many, it could fill up your closet space too fast, so use caution whom you get. There are many ways to get cool stuff for IP signing and even TTM signing. It doesn’t have to put a hole in your wallet to get the items you want or need. All it takes is patience and keeping your eyes out on the alternatives.

Stone Cold Erik

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