Monday, January 23, 2017

'Cause Stone Cold Erik Said So - Where To Find Autograph Events

Where to find autograph events? It’s easy if you’re on social media. It’s best to be on both Facebook and Twitter, in my opinion. That way an event or autograph show may have one account but not necessary both. If you live in a big city like I do in Los Angeles, there are Facebook accounts just for autograph show and events and signings in Los Angeles area. If you like a favorite artist or player who happens to play in your city, liking them or following them on Twitter will increase your chances of finding out about the event.

Always message or reply to the event/store to clarify or confirm about the signing and more details. Then there’s the old fashion newspaper and even TV shows/commercial. Also, during local televised games are most often when a player will sign since it will be a regional promotion for a store that often sponsored by the team. Then there’s the accidently finding out about an event by going to a local card shop/show or even in the same mall.

In 1996, I found out Julius Erving was signing at a sporting goods store in the mall at the card shop (of all places) near there. And it was free too!

Comic book conventions are not just for comic writers artists. Often the cons main purpose is to bring a wide audience and boost attendance and ticket sales. They will try and bring in a local sports hero and actor and not necessary if its to endorse a comic. Also, for me, I try and keep tabs of past annual events like RV shows and big Comic conventions that roll around annually in a certain time period. An RV show that I went to that had Eric Dickerson signing 2 years ago, I waited and sure enough they announced Steve Garvey and Bob Grich signing at that same show last year.

Autograph events and signings are not hard to find. Often time it’s the decision to which one to go to is the big problem.

Stone Cold Erik
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