Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Roger Clemens In-Person Autograph Story - 1987

Every year, the University of Texas Baseball Team has an Alumni game where all drafted players play a current college team.

In 1987, I went to the game hoping to get a Roger Clemens autograph. Unfortunately so did everyone else and I missed getting it direct from him.

So I'm getting others autographs and I hear one of them say, "I forgot my cup. I'm not going to face those aluminum bats without it."  Me being the industrious teenager I was offered to get his cup from his car in the parking lot.  He actually gave me his car keys and I went to the parking lot, retrieved his cup, put it in my back pocket, and returned inside the stadium.  I gave him his keys and his cup back in exchange for The Rocket's autograph.

That player's name was Mike Konderla. Never forgot him or the story.  Best autograph I ever got.


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  1. That's a pretty awesome story - also, quite brave of you to retrieve an athlete's used cup!


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