Friday, February 3, 2017

Too Short In-Person Autograph Experience

Today's In-Person Autograph Experience comes to us from @artcollector510 on Instagram, who is an avid autograph collector from the Bay Area. His story involves a recent encounter with longtime rapper, Too Short:

Shout out to Too Short and his people. Not only was I accused by his people of being a seller, but they made me pay $30 to get his autograph. Short, your autograph isn't even worth $10. As a fan, I was willing to pay 3x what you're worth easily because I have never had the chance to meet you and grew up listening to your music. I know you'll read this because you have like all my Warriors and Raiders posts. Thanks for treating a life-long fan like shit because you think everyone is trying to get over on someone like you do. I am not an eBayer. I am not a seller. On the off chance I do sell, it's so I can support people like you and attend more events. Selling your picture could barely buy a soda at the Oracle. So no, I'm not selling you autograph. I'm keeping it. And will be able to share the story where you and your people lost you a fan in the span of 3 minutes. Bravo.


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